package ast

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  1. trait BaseColumnAttributeAssignment extends AnyRef

  2. class BetweenExpression extends TernaryOperatorNode with LogicalBoolean

  3. class BinaryOperatorNode extends ExpressionNode

  4. class BinaryOperatorNodeLogicalBoolean extends BinaryOperatorNode with LogicalBoolean

  5. class ColumnAttributeAssignment extends BaseColumnAttributeAssignment

  6. class ColumnGroupAttributeAssignment extends BaseColumnAttributeAssignment

  7. class CompositeKeyAttributeAssignment extends ColumnGroupAttributeAssignment

  8. class ConstantExpressionNode[T] extends ExpressionNode

  9. class ConstantExpressionNodeList[T] extends ExpressionNode

  10. class DefaultValueAssignment extends BaseColumnAttributeAssignment

  11. class DummyExpressionHolder extends ExpressionNode

    Update, delete and insert statement are not built with AST nodes, (for example Table[].

  12. class EqualityExpression extends BinaryOperatorNodeLogicalBoolean

  13. class ExclusionOperator extends BinaryOperatorNodeLogicalBoolean

  14. class ExistsExpression extends PrefixOperatorNode with LogicalBoolean

  15. class ExportedSelectElement extends SelectElement

    SelectElement that refer to a SelectElement of an inner or outer query

  16. trait ExpressionNode extends AnyRef

  17. class FieldSelectElement extends SelectElement with UniqueIdInAliaseRequired

  18. class FullOuterJoinNode extends BinaryOperatorNode

  19. class FunctionNode[A] extends ExpressionNode

  20. class InclusionOperator extends BinaryOperatorNodeLogicalBoolean

  21. class InputOnlyConstantExpressionNode[T] extends ConstantExpressionNode[T] with TypedExpressionNode[T]

  22. class LeftOuterJoinNode extends BinaryOperatorNode

  23. trait ListExpressionNode extends ExpressionNode

  24. trait LogicalBoolean extends ExpressionNode

  25. class OrderByArg extends AnyRef

  26. class OrderByExpression extends ExpressionNode

  27. class OuterJoinExpression extends AnyRef

  28. class PostfixOperatorNode extends ExpressionNode

  29. class PrefixOperatorNode extends ExpressionNode

  30. trait QueryExpressionElements extends ExpressionNode

  31. class QueryExpressionNode[R] extends QueryExpressionElements with QueryableExpressionNode

  32. trait QueryableExpressionNode extends ExpressionNode with UniqueIdInAliaseRequired

  33. class RightHandSideOfIn[A] extends ExpressionNode

  34. trait SelectElement extends ExpressionNode

    SelectElement are elements of a select list, for example they are a,b, and c in :

  35. class SelectElementReference[A] extends TypedExpressionNode[A]

    All nodes that refer to a SelectElement are SelectElementReference, with the exception of SelectElement that refer to an inner or outer query's SelectElement, these are ExportedSelectElement

  36. class TernaryOperatorNode extends FunctionNode[Nothing] with LogicalBoolean

  37. class TokenExpressionNode extends ExpressionNode

  38. class TupleSelectElement extends SelectElement

  39. class TypeConversion extends ExpressionNode

  40. trait TypedExpressionNode[T] extends ExpressionNode

  41. trait UniqueIdInAliaseRequired extends AnyRef

  42. class UpdateAssignment extends AnyRef

  43. class UpdateStatement extends ExpressionNode

  44. class ValueSelectElement extends SelectElement with UniqueIdInAliaseRequired

  45. class ViewExpressionNode[U] extends QueryableExpressionNode