Migrating to 0.9.6

The companion object of trait org.squeryl.PrimitiveTypeMode is deprecated

From 0.9.6 onwards, the new usage pattern for importin Squeryls’s DSL into an application is
to define an entrypoint object and import it whereever the application uses the DSL.
This object is also where KeyedEntities and custom types are defined.

Note: the trait org.squeryl.PrimitiveTypeMode is not deprecated, only it’s companion object

In the next example, we defined an object SquerylEntrypointForMyApp that will be imported in an application wherever the DSL is used.

Warning: Although deprecared, the org.squeryl.PrimitiveTypeMode companion object can still be used for backward compatibility.
If it is used, it cannot be used in a same application with other instance of the
org.squeryl.PrimitiveTypeMode trait.